Jr NTR VS JAGAN in By Elections

While By elections are reaching in no time, the main parties are facing lot of troubles. The smooth sailing TDP Party is facing some issues recently as vallabhaneni vamshi and Jr NTR s Heat. Congress has to work hard to face the YSR Congress Party. The main Agenda of YSR Congress Party is Jagan C.M Post and to demolish congress party reputation over Andhra Pradesh. Even Chandra Babu Naidu is not giving up the By Elections even though he knows that the by elections is not for TDP. Just To make sure that the blossoms of his party he is trying to win few seats. But sadly some issues are going on TDP Party with Vallabhaneni Vamshi. Sources say that the man behind Vallabhaneni Vamshi is Jr NTR. So Let’s see How These Issues will Damage the reputation of main parties in the coming elections.